Parking, Biking & Walking


The Mennello Museum of American Art Parking Lot will be available for  artist loading and accessible parking spaces only.

Link to MAP of festival grounds at Mennello Museum in Loch Haven Cultural Park.

Link to MAP of the Orlando Urban Trail that takes walkers and cyclists right to the festival grounds.

Other nearby options:

  • Free parking also is available in surrounding city lots, and on both sides of Mills Avenue along Loch Haven Park.
  • Florida Urology Associates, 1812 N. Mills Ave., Orlando, FL, 32803.
  • Magruder Eye Institute, 1911 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL, 32803.
  • McCree General Contractors & Architects on Alden Road, 2100 Alden Road, Orlando, FL, 32803. Note: Entrance is located on South Alden Avenue – parking is free but there are a limited number of spaces.
  •  Please see link here for a map of the Florida Hospital Garages.  You have access to the MacRae Garage and the King Street Garage. 



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